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Text of HF1441 Vikings Stadium bill (as of 4/11/2011)

Bill Summary by House Research (4/11/2011)

Minn. Dept. of Revenue Preliminary Analysis of HF1441 (PDF) (4/21/2011)

Don Poss, former Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission official in charge of the Metrodome construction offers his views of today's stadium issues 12/4/2011 Star Tribune article

A Stadium's Costly Legacy Throws Taxpayers for a Loss (Wall Street Journal, 7/12/2011) Sobering story of a county funding a stadium in Cincinnati. Says the article, "one of the worst professional sports deals ever struck by a local government — soaking up unprecedented tax dollars and county resources while returning little economic benefit . . ."

Tom Goldstein articles (PDF) from Pioneer Press and Highland Villager

Field of Schemes Oct. 12 article after Charter Commission meeting

Let's Inject Fiscal Sanity into Stadium Debate by Sen. John Marty, 10/21/2011

Stop the Subsidy-Sucking Sports Stadiums by Neil DeMause, 8/5/2011 (The Nation)

Minnesota Historical Society statement opposing the use of Legacy Amendment funds for Vikings Stadium

VIDEO: LIBERTARIAN VIEWPOINT with Sue Jeffers and guest Blake Huffman on the Arden Hills stadium plan    PART 1 (8:33)   PART 2 (12:13)   Part 3 (7:44)


Q: Should the super wealthy owners of the Vikings get a brand new stadium in Arden Hills—paid for by your tax dollars?

Q: Should the state legislature, the Governor, and the Ramsey County Board be able to deny your right to vote on a sales tax increase—a violation of both state law and the county charter?

Help us pass an ordinance to prohibit stadium funding in Ramsey County.

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