Senate hearing on future of US policy toward Russia – 12/3/2019


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  • sa 77
    sa 77  18 hours back

    in egypt sisi the dictator is the real founder of terrorism he is behind explosions of churches to get money he destroyed economy leading people to terror or crime or suicide the egyptian army has excellent generals ready to fix the situation ur governmement should stop this supporting this psycho dictator

    • Stock Broken
      Stock Broken  7 days back

      Future policy toward Russia should entail what it always has:
      The US has many Russian ventures spending money in our economy and Russia has a ton of engineering and manufacturing companies from the US. Russia has much cheaper cellular service, medicine and housing. ...I think we need to encourage our citizens to give Russia a visit. The simple fact remains that Russia's economy depends on the US commerce. This is how you create allies.

      • Korn Pop
        Korn Pop  7 days back

        how many of these chumps thinks a sound bite from this circus will be helpful in their re election even after they spent over $50 MILLION on the muller hoax that proved no russian interference?

        • M D
          M D  7 days back

          Lmao oh you're so funny. Bless your soul.

      • Pup Pup Man
        Pup Pup Man  7 days back

        South America is invading... just a head's up

        • dennis labbe
          dennis labbe  7 days back

          Humans are the worst kind of animals.