Here's What I Think of the Tesla Cybertruck

  • Published: 25 November 2019
  • The Tesla Cybertruck has been announced! Today Doug DeMuro is explaining what he thinks of the Cybertruck, and I am going to share all my thoughts on the Tesla Cybertruck.


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  • More Doug DeMuro
    More Doug DeMuro   1 weeks back

    Finally, we've found something uglier than the G500 Cabriolet.

  • Eterna Pesadilla
    Eterna Pesadilla  3 minutes back

    It is expensive. But if you customize it with solar panels. Gas is free. Or, electricity.

    • Eterna Pesadilla
      Eterna Pesadilla  4 minutes back


      • Markus Agapiou
        Markus Agapiou  3 hours back

        DeMuro should know better than to publish such a blatantly misleading analysis of the Cybertruck. He made several misleading comparisons such as a base model 2-door Silverado with the Cybertruck. Then he never took into account the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Granted, TCO is different for every owner as mileage driven, gas and electric prices, maintenance costs and depreciation all need to be factored in. But he should have at least used some average numbers. Also, he did not mention anything about reduced maintenance or emissions of an EV so his analysis is terribly flawed to put it nicely.

        Given that DeMuro has 3.5M subscribers between his two channels where he's so focused on cars, there's no excuse for someone in his position to make such a blunder with the Cybertruck comparison. If it was a mistake, then he's either incompetent or terribly sloppy, but if it was intentional then he has other motivations such as keeping sponsors happy, etc. In any case, he lost all credibility with me.

        • Matt Wolf
          Matt Wolf  3 hours back

          I like the design just because it looks straight out of a Sci-Fi movie like Blade Runner.

          • reinainox
            reinainox  3 hours back

            They selling the future shape! Thats brave! We will get used to it.

            • Edgar Arenas
              Edgar Arenas  4 hours back

              To me the Cyber is not a truck nor suv.
              It’s actually a hi performance cross over.
              Macan, Audi Q series, BMW X series,Range Rover will most likely be the first adopters no?
              Those are drivers who like high tech and hi performance.

              • BoomerE30
                BoomerE30  4 hours back

                Tesla fanboizz are crying themselves to sleep and Unsubscribing from Doug. "But zero to sixxxxtyyyyyy!!!"

                • Cptn. Viridian
                  Cptn. Viridian  4 hours back

                  The biggest offence of the CyberTruck's styling is how drastically it ignores the unified styling of the rest of Tesla's lineup.

                  The biggest technical fallacy is their focus on 0-60 times and unnecessary ruggedness. I would rather a vehicle that retain 70-80% of it's maximum range while towing, rather than one that improves my experience for the 2% of my trip when I am accelerating.

                  I, and everyone else on the planet, don't need a bulletproof multi-ton ugly track toy, we want a competively priced and capable vehicle capable of doing the work we need to get done.

                  • Nate Davis
                    Nate Davis  4 hours back

                    It translates into success when you factor in long term maintenance and fuel costs.

                    • Chris Tilc
                      Chris Tilc  4 hours back

                      It looks like a cheese grater

                      • Patrick
                        Patrick  5 hours back

                        tesla does make great cars, but why is no youtuber talking about the bad efficiency of all ev's? they all just try to sell the idea of the future while economic gasoline cars are actually the better choice right now, i'll get an ev when it cost less to buy and run.

                        • Mark Brand
                          Mark Brand  5 hours back

                          While you can tell Doug TRIES to be objective (and he usually is successful) this video really exposes some bias.

                          • Patrick
                            Patrick  5 hours back

                            everyone has a preference, just like some people would prefer buying the cybertruck which is more expensive to get and cost more to run than gas cars. imo that makes no logical sense but let them buy into it idgaf.

                        • Carlos Londono
                          Carlos Londono  6 hours back

                          I like you man, what were you thinking on this video. I own a 17 Silverado-46k. $60 a week in gas. I don’t tow anything. So it’s safe to say that I will save a lot of money owning the CT. You are concentrating on towing and pricing. How about concentrate on, it’s electric! Long term cost to own, safety, innovation, thinking outside the box. I’m am one of the 250k person that ordered one. Can’t wait to see your real review on the cyber truck.

                          • Mr. Maker
                            Mr. Maker  6 hours back

                            The Cybertruck is stainless steel, whereas old-style trucks start rusting right away. This is a huge deal for coastal communities where salt on the roads literally eat non-stainless metals.

                            Old-style trucks may have a cheaper price tag, but after rust sets in and autopilot is standard, no other truck comes close to the value proposition of Tesla.

                            Innovate or die.

                            • ach ja
                              ach ja  7 hours back

                              It looks like the 90s DOS-Game version of the F117

                              • jump oricakle
                                jump oricakle  7 hours back

                                I can see doug's point of view as far as value goes but think of the gas savings of these trucks. light and heavy duty trucks can have terrible MPG and even diesel costs alot these days. I don't think the range will be lowered as much as in the model X because tesla really is expecting people to tow and haul in the cyber truck. time will tell.

                                While i don't think it's ugly it is a very simple design and tesla is trying to cut production costs as best they can to stay in business. we can at least agree if this is tesla's first truck ever the next model has alot of room to improve stylistically. and elon musk even said if people don't buy the cyber truck we(tesla) will make a model with more conventional truck styling. maybe by then tesla will have more resources and it will be no problem.

                                • Boeflex Nick
                                  Boeflex Nick  8 hours back

                                  well obviously price to performance isnt going to compete with these name brands in the first generation. telsa is premo ya feel. country boy pick up truck driver isnt going to buy a tesla anyways

                                  • Mike Aux
                                    Mike Aux  8 hours back

                                    Oh it is ugly.

                                    • exdime
                                      exdime  9 hours back

                                      Think you'll ever get a quarter million miles from a work used cyber truck

                                      • GH1618
                                        GH1618  10 hours back

                                        Anybody who thinks a good zero-to-sixty time is “cool” is a racer, not a trucker.

                                        • SlapShotRegatta
                                          SlapShotRegatta  10 hours back

                                          I think we need to stop pretending that anybody is going to by the Cybertruck for it's towing or "worksite" purposes.

                                          • GH1618
                                            GH1618  10 hours back

                                            Please explain how the larger battery of the longer range models does not reduce the payload capacity.

                                            • GH1618
                                              GH1618  10 hours back

                                              My midsize gas pickup gets 28 mpg on the road and has a 600 mile range, the longest of any vehicle I’ve owned by far. I expect gasoline will not become scarce in my remaining lifetime. Let others be the pioneers.

                                              • Pipa Obala
                                                Pipa Obala  10 hours back

                                                To all that yell: DO THE OWNING COST ANALYSIS!!!

                                                I would like to redirect you to MKBHD (a known Tesla/Elon asskisser). Go watch his Tesla (1st gen) car repair video. Tell me that the sum is normal....

                                                • GH1618
                                                  GH1618  11 hours back

                                                  Did the designer work on the Delorean? Pickups have a conventional look because it works well for its intended purpose.

                                                  • Youssef Ebrahim
                                                    Youssef Ebrahim  11 hours back

                                                    you're not factoring gas/maintenance cost over the lifespan of the car...

                                                    • Jonathan Race
                                                      Jonathan Race  12 hours back

                                                      so we're just gonna act like the cybertruck is uglier than the infinity qx80's of recent years? the cybertruck is pretty much flavorless, which i understand is boring, but the qx80 looks like some already-bulbous creature covered in cysts

                                                    • Andrew Church
                                                      Andrew Church  12 hours back

                                             Engineering Explained guy shows why EVs are shit at towing, the Cybertruck and Tesla Semi will be useless until battery energy density double or triple what it is now. This is a BIGGER PROBLEM FOR RIVIAN and their delivery vans for Amazon assuming their battery tech is not as good as Tesla.

                                                      • rogerthat
                                                        rogerthat  12 hours back

                                                        It's a Tesla. People who have no business buying a truck will buy them without any intention of using it like a truck.

                                                        • Sergio GT
                                                          Sergio GT  12 hours back

                                                          Sorry but Tesla will prove you wrong again.

                                                          • TamilTigerLTTE
                                                            TamilTigerLTTE  12 hours back

                                                            Nobody who buys the truck is going to care how much it can tow

                                                            • Hugh Porter
                                                              Hugh Porter  12 hours back

                                                              TBH, the Ford Flex is the ugliest vehicle ever on 4 wheels, and there’s really no second place. Also, Cybertruck buyers can’t be compared to typical pickup truck buyers. Tesla doesn’t market to blue collar buyers, or people who agonize over specs. It might be more useful to compare it to the Chevy El Camino, which was also a pickup truck for people who wouldn’t normally buy a pickup truck. Software engineers in the Silicon Valley who dream of having fun outdoors, when they’re not chained to their cubicles, will buy this car.

                                                              • Richie P
                                                                Richie P  13 hours back

                                                                I don't get the argument that people only made deposits so they can brag about it on social media.
                                                                If everyone wants to brag on social media that they reserved a Cybertruck, whether they can ultimately afford to make the purchase or not, it proves that people love the design.

                                                                • 224
                                                                  224  13 hours back

                                                                  THE MEMES! - Doug Demuro 2019

                                                                  • Sami Katrib
                                                                    Sami Katrib  13 hours back

                                                                    Very disappointed with your review it is not accurate ( a 10 year old can go on ford or chevy site and figure out that the same truck with Tesla's accessories is more expensive) frankly I am starting to question if you are getting sponsored by someone.I think you may have been progressive but that was 10 years than you paused.

                                                                    • Video Call-In Show
                                                                      Video Call-In Show  14 hours back

                                                                      Like you said, many forget how much less range one is likely to get from towing with today's electric vehicle. It would have to be horrible- love to see the numbers on that.
                                                                      Also, how manufacturers haven't come up with the tailgate ramp prior to this is beyond me. IMO, forget the GM gimmick tailgate, the ultimate truck would be a mix of the Ram bedside storage, the GM bumper steps, the Ford cargo gate and the Tesla telescoping ramp. please, somebody, MAKE IT!

                                                                      • James Bond
                                                                        James Bond  14 hours back

                                                                        I hate to admit it, but Dougs review is right. The Cyber truck is just too weird for the general public.

                                                                        • Hector Gilbert
                                                                          Hector Gilbert  15 hours back

                                                                          I like the cybertruck, I ordered the tri motor w/ fsd, the regular half ton trucks look gay next to a cybertruck, I'm getting rid of my ram truck.

                                                                        • thzzzt
                                                                          thzzzt  15 hours back

                                                                          The first image that comes to mind when I think about the CyberTruck is me tripping in the garage and gouging my head on that severe back corner.

                                                                          • Pedro Hernandez
                                                                            Pedro Hernandez  17 hours back

                                                                            Nobody cares about towing capacity for light duty trucks tbh. The people that really really do go diesel. And won’t be Tesla customers most likely. They’re not apples to apples at all when you factor autonomous driving, being an EV, the design, and the tech

                                                                            • Bobby Tran
                                                                              Bobby Tran  17 hours back

                                                                              I’m willing to bet this isn’t going to be the final design for the truck. Knowing Elon, it’s very possible he’s trolling us and wants to build hype around the “Tesla Truck”. Remember, bad press is still good press. I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up saying this is the truck’s first sketch and the final design will have a more Tesla-y design language.

                                                                              • Eric French
                                                                                Eric French  18 hours back

                                                                                You fail to realize that there are plenty of us that simply get what we want and money is not a consideration. PLENTY of people will buy this truck for the same reason they buy any vehicle. IT'S THE ONE THAT THEY WANT TO HAVE IN THE GARAGE. for any reason they may have.

                                                                                • Michael Lidster
                                                                                  Michael Lidster  19 hours back

                                                                                  This truck will make a lot of money for Tesla, guaranteed

                                                                                  • David Bronson
                                                                                    David Bronson  19 hours back

                                                                                    Don't discount the Rivian R1T, which actually LOOKS like a truck and not the design scribblings of a 3rd grade boy...

                                                                                    • David Bronson
                                                                                      David Bronson  14 hours back

                                                                                      @James Bond Agreed 100%

                                                                                    • James Bond
                                                                                      James Bond  14 hours back

                                                                                      Right, the Rivian is going to outsell the Cyber truck 10 to 1. The Rivian is just a beautiful looking truck!

                                                                                  • Teun Segers
                                                                                    Teun Segers  20 hours back

                                                                                    Doug do you understand TCO? Like at all? You keep going on about pricing, but you don't think beyond the sticker price. Open up a spreadsheet and I think you'll find it's actually much cheaper than an F150. And you're completely missing a lot of the other points as well, but you keep going on about money and it's just dumb.

                                                                                    • Marcel B.
                                                                                      Marcel B.  20 hours back

                                                                                      Why would Tesla fans care about design all of a sudden? Tesla always had dead boring design, now with the addition of having an ugly design... so what?

                                                                                      • KingVonFluffy
                                                                                        KingVonFluffy  7 hours back

                                                                                        I can tell you drive some shitty prius

                                                                                    • J L
                                                                                      J L  21 hours back

                                                                                      Tesla company = 95% marketing. Just like Apple products