I Almost Died Because of a Stupid Prank! #animated #story

  • Published: 21 October 2019
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    The is the story about Tyler, someone who likes pranks. But this time the prank he pulled almost cost his life!

    Prank, Prank goes wrong, Dog attack

    Hey there! I’m Tyler. I like to think of myself as a pretty normal guy…ya know – skateboarding, sports, video games. But – don’t ask me why - for some reason, I always need to take things up a notch. In fact, I used to be the class clown. I guess that’s why I love a good prank. Pranks are just harmless fun, right? That’s what I always thought. Until last summer. This is the story of how it all went wrong.
    So, like I said, I’ve always been into pranks. Clingwrap on the toilet seat, that kinda thing. A lotta people told me I wasn’t funny and needed to grow up, but I’m pretty sure they were just mad that they fell for my tricks. I loved being that funny guy. I mean, really - what’s the point of taking life seriously?
    Anyway, there was this mean old man who lived three houses down from ours. He’d glare at me whenever I walked our dog past his house, and he got mad whenever people parked their cars outside his house, so I wanted to mess with him a little bit. I told my friends Liam and Jake, and they agreed to help me. After brainstorming for a while, we came up with the perfect plan. We were gonna wait until it was dark, then sneak out and egg his house. Trust me: it’s a classic prank for a reason – it’s fun, it’s anonymous, and it’s a MASSIVE mess for them to clean up.
    So Friday night comes along. Liam and Jake are over, and we’re just hanging out playing video games and eating pizza. We’d already cracked open a few Monster energy drinks so we’re feeling pretty pumped by the time midnight rolls around – that was the time we’d decided to kick our plan into action. My room has a big old window that you can push all the way open, so it’s easy to climb out onto the garage then jump into the front garden. We’re all wearing beanies and sunglasses, thinking they’re a great disguise.
    So one by one, we drop out of my window, then onto the ground. I’m last, so picture me dropping all these cartons of eggs we bought that day down to Liam and Jake. They didn’t drop a single one! We make our way to our target. There’s a fence around his garden, which makes it too hard to throw the eggs over the fence and hit the house. So - Plan B! Let’s climb this tree that overlooks his garden to get a better shot. We left Jake on the ground to keep watch and to warn us if anyone was coming.
    At the house, all the curtains are closed. The old guy must be sleeping. Holding as many eggs as we can, Liam and I take aim and open fire.

    It’s amazing! The eggs are exploding against the windows and walls like fireworks. Splat. Splat, splat! Some of Liam’s miss and roll into the garden, but mine hit perfectly. We keep on throwing and are done our first carton when suddenly a light turns on. And we hear someone yelling.
    “He’s awake!” I’m screaming at Jake and we’re all getting ready to run for it - but we wanted to throw as many eggs as we could first, so here I am, leaning forward on this branch to get a better angle. I can already hear the guy running through the house. And then I hear a dog barking.
    My memory after that is pretty blurry. I remember the guy standing at his door, and his dog running out into the garden – A dog??? I hadn’t even known he had a dog! He must have mostly kept him indoors, or in the back garden or something. I’m trying to push myself up and make a run for it, but the branch I’m leaning on snaps, and I fall probably six feet into the garden. That dog must’ve thought I was a criminal dropping out of the sky, so he jumps me before I can even move. The dog bites my leg, my arms, and anything else he can get a hold of. No matter what I try, I can’t push him away. Finally, the old man grabs the dog and I vaguely remember hearing Liam or Jake or maybe someone else scream. All I remember after that is looking down at my leg and seeing a lot of blood. And then passing out.
    When I wake up, I’m in the hospital. My mom tells me what happened – and she is PISSED. The bite to my leg is crazy deep, and I lost enough blood that I fainted, not to mention the hit to my head from falling out of the tree. I needed a blood transfusion because I lost so much blood.
    The old man had called an ambulance and waited with me until it came. Turns out the dog was a foster dog, and used to be a guard dog, which is why he’d gotten so aggressive. And it’s also why the old man had gotten upset when we walked our dog so close to his house...
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  • paperfun pro
    paperfun pro  12 hours back

    It relates to me

  • Preston Knight
    Preston Knight  5 days back

    That poor dog

  • Quaniyah Segars
    Quaniyah Segars  1 weeks back

    hi I love your dad story's I cry every time I watch your videos

      MY CRAZY STORY   6 days back

      Thanks you so much for your comment and also for watching the videos :) I really hope you enjoy them :)

  • Cassandra Swarts
    Cassandra Swarts  1 weeks back

    I'm gonna cry 😭

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    Gary Osborne  1 weeks back

    When I was five I almost died

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    Ruben Quintanar  2 weeks back

    I put tape on the doorway and it broke

  • Paula Davenport
    Paula Davenport  2 weeks back


    • 김보연
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      I nearly burned my hand when i was pranking my brother that i am touching the stove

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      dat shirt doe.

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          That is a very dumb idea.

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            MY CRAZY STORY   2 weeks back

            You're totally right! Thanks for commenting XDGamingBro

        • Iron Liam
          Iron Liam  2 weeks back

          Hey my name is liam

          • Iron Liam
            Iron Liam  6 days back

            NO, thank you for making this video

          • MY CRAZY STORY
            MY CRAZY STORY   2 weeks back

            Hi Liam! Thanks for watching the video :)

        • Rat Lingo bird
          Rat Lingo bird  2 weeks back

          He definitely deserved it.

          • MY CRAZY STORY
            MY CRAZY STORY   2 weeks back

            Yes, he definitely learnt the lesson. Thanks for watching the videoSamihamiyay ROBLOX :)

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          Edward Kenway  3 weeks back

          I im so sorry

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          When i was 5 i almost choke with chips. I almost died roo

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            Karma in a bottle

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            Clumsy but interesting video

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            This is basically not a prank but one of my neighbors they got attacked by a pitbull it was so bad my mom went in and got the person I got really scared the person was screaming my tits gone my tits gone

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            My name is liam too and i love pranks!😉

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            I tried to prank my dad by doing this puting strings on me and do a backflip and instead I hit the wall

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            Well I have a prank and went wrong when I was in my room I put a bucket of slime I was hoping my sister would come in I'd waited so long and I forgot about my prank and my mom called me when I was about to open the door and the bucket of slime was on me oof

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              Dang I like this video

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                #animated #story

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                        Tittle:I nearly died because of a stupid prank!

                        What it's about:I killed a dog and hardly give a dang but I'll act like I do

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                              MY CRAZY STORY   4 weeks back

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