I broke my legs to satisfy my mom but it was not enough

  • Published: 26 November 2019
  • Hi I’m Diana and My relationship with my mom has always been pretty… interesting. see my mom is in jail and has been for about ten years now. I live with my older sister who has done her best to look after me, but it’s just not the same as having a mom around. It isn’t her fault that she’s in jail. My dad didn’t treat her very well. One night she took the money out of their account and ran away for her own protection. She even had to leave me behind to try and escape him. But the police caught her trying to leave the country with the money. The court didn’t believe her and she ended up being charged with fraud and being sentenced to years in prison. I try my best to keep mom happy. I bring her presents and I cook her favourite cakes and bring them to her in prison, but they never seem to make her happy. She is so unhappy in jail that I just can’t do anything to fix it. Well, at least, she is one of the most popular with the other inmates as she told me. They even call her Rocky as she is so tough, no one will dare to mess with her. So with Mother’s Day coming up I knew I had to do something really special to make her happy and I had the best idea. I thought I would do something different and something BIG. I hired a plane to do some skywriting in the sky above her prison. I thought when she and her prison friends saw it she would be sooo happy. And I was going to surprise her by skydiving out of the plane too! When it got to the day of my skydive I got really nervous, I don’t like heights! When I was up in the plane the man literally had to push me out as I was so scared. But once in the sky I was having so much fun! I really started to enjoy it. As I was falling to earth I was so happy. I could see all the inmates in the yard below and knew that my mom would be there watching. I looked up and saw the plane in the sky writing in pink smoke “Happy Mother’s Day Rocky!”. I was so pleased! Then I pressed the button on my backpack and it released more pink smoke, my mom's favourite colour. I was so excited! Mom would definitely see me now. But I hadn’t anticipated one thing; I couldn’t see! There was smoke everywhere. I started coughing and spluttering and my eyes were sore. Then I started to worry. I knew that I had to release my parachute, but it was so smoky I couldn’t see the pull cord! I started feeling all over myself trying to find the cord, but I just couldn’t get hold of it. Then I looked below me I was near the ground! I knew if I didn’t pull the cord soon then I would be in big trouble! I finally found the cord and pulled it. I felt the parachute open up! But it was too late. I was travelling too fast and I was going to hit the floor with a bang. I closed my eyes and braced myself. I landed on my back with lots of in orange jumpsuits gathered around me. Then some prison guards ran over to me. It was pretty scary, some of them had guns! There was a lot of shouting going on. I looked around, I couldn’t see my mom anywhere. I became aware that I couldn’t feel my legs. I looked down and realised they were sticking out at funny angles. I let out a scream then passed out. I woke up in hospital with lots of doctors and nurses working on me. There was blood everywhere! I must have passed out again as I woke up a few days later with both of my legs in plaster. It turned out my parachute had opened but I still hit the ground really hard. I had landed right in the middle of the prison yard. I should have but by some miracle I had only broken my legs. The next day I was discharged from the hospital. I rolled outside and waited for my sister to come and collect me. But she didn’t turn up. Instead a police van pulled up in front of me. An Officer got out and asked me my name. When I said who I was he told me that I was under arrest! I was wheeled into the back of the van and driven off. I was so scared, I had never got into trouble in my life. They wouldn't even tell me why I was being arrested. We got to a large building and stopped outside. I was wheeled in and they finally told me; I was being arrested for breaking into the women’s prison! I told them that it was an accident, that I was trying to surprise my mom for Mother's Day, but they didn’t believe me. I asked where I was going but they didn’t answer they just wheeled me into a room where two men were waiting. I realised they were prison guards, I was being put in prison!

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