Trump Throws Fit After Reporter Embarrasses Him. TYT's Best of 2019

  • Published: 30 November 2019
  • A reporter confronted Trump on the border wall and he did not like it one bit. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comments below.


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    "The House passed legislation to end the partial government shutdown on Thursday, hours after Democrats took control of the chamber and elected Nancy Pelosi as Speaker.

    The House measures appear to be dead on arrival in the Senate and have been rejected by President Trump, who is demanding that $5 billion in funding for his wall on the Mexican border. Democrats have rejected providing money for Trump’s wall.

    But the measures could shift the debate as Democrats seek to raise pressure on the White House and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) to end a standoff centered on the fight over the wall."

    Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

    Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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Comments • 2 364

  • Angus Osbòrne
    Angus Osbòrne  45 minutes back

    When trump is gone they'll have to clean the oval office for the next president and i realize that the office needs to stay basically the same but I sure hope they remove the chair that he sat his fat stupid ass on and burn it in the backyard!

    • soon to be Cruzer55
      soon to be Cruzer55  8 hours back

      There's a vidio of an 8yo girl climbing the wall in seconds. That's real security!

      • Michael E. Gassett
        Michael E. Gassett  14 hours back

        What a dumb ass embarrassment of a president and of a man , somebody grab this p_ _ _y and throughout the trash!!!

        • D Change
          D Change  17 hours back

          The entire world is laughing at trump. Even his wife is laughing at his fat ass

          • Deborah Victoria Edwards
            Deborah Victoria Edwards  21 hours back

            Entertainment DAILY it be, too funny watching the world fall. God has had enough y'all should know...

            • Mark Waters
              Mark Waters  20 hours back

              Deborah Victoria Edwards Which God?

          • Suzanne Chronowitz
            Suzanne Chronowitz  2 days back

            Please add more choppers to this video.

            • Sheryl Haskins
              Sheryl Haskins  2 days back

              It is so pathetic that #45 even won the election. Now he gets up there saying that other countries are laughing at the USA...The president wants to turn this country into a dictatorship and his legacy of sexual assault, misogynist and racially charged behavior has put a blight over the USA and because people don’t want to admit and address his behavior our country becomes the laughing stock known around the world. God forbid anything serious breaks out because he has no problem solving skills not to mention he can’t even fake a real conversation. His speeches have absolutely NO SUBSTANCE. He showed the country all during his campaign that he was in etiquette to run any country. MAGA = KKK and he promotes hate at every chance. The ignorance that’s supporting his actions will have all Americans in a terrible way.

              • rod Hancock
                rod Hancock  2 days back

                Sheryl Haskins The only comment I can make is, What was the percentage that bothered to vote? 61.4% citizens of voting age. The popular vote gave it to Hilary. So Trump got through on less than 30% of votes, with the Electoral College giving him the required numbers.. what that infers is people need to get out and vote... this idea of freedom to vote or not, the consequences are all Americans now are paying the price. As for the world? They look on in horror that such a dangerous idiot got in.

            • Arturo Sosa
              Arturo Sosa  2 days back

              Hugo trump its looking more like a mommie

              • Kirk Thomas
                Kirk Thomas  2 days back

                Nadsless and the crew have no idea what is coming to them if Trump is impeached. Lots of new faces in Congo next year. Lots of pine boxes marked "D" will be carried out of Capitol hill.

                • G Payne
                  G Payne  2 days back

                  you are an idiot. .. have a nice day asshat.

              • Kirk Thomas
                Kirk Thomas  2 days back

                Happy hour in Beirut. What will the streets of Washington DC look like if Trump is impeached?

                • Kirk Thomas
                  Kirk Thomas  16 hours back

                  @Greg Battles and the Kavanagh protesters were sane?

                • Greg Battles
                  Greg Battles  19 hours back

                  This much craziness is expected from a trumpeter that's why he has to go

                • Greg Battles
                  Greg Battles  19 hours back

                  @Kirk Thomas ok

                • Kirk Thomas
                  Kirk Thomas  19 hours back

                  Get drunk, fool! When the time comes for the war that you liberals are going to start, alcohol will numb the pain!

                • Kirk Thomas
                  Kirk Thomas  19 hours back

                  Beirut is a town filled with bombed buildings and piles of rubble mixed with human skeletal remains. Nice to see some patriotism among traitorous Trump haters. Go ahead and impeach

              • lovealltheBS
                lovealltheBS  3 days back

                On the point of funding homeland security, why would he Ana? his goal is to keep the country in chaos, and distraction while robbing it, this is calculated by the Elite, powerful donors, and the right, which is evident from the loyalty being displayed during the hearings, all the earlier misdeeds this man committed, not even considered? its crazy to me how a man got impeached by getting some head, lied about it🤔 In the present this man is in your face thumbing his nose, if not an agenda then what? whats sad is when the smoke clears all the people who voted for this man are F#@&ed just like everyone else, we the people my ASS.

                • Matthew Califana
                  Matthew Califana  3 days back

                  Moscow Mitch you Dirty Rotten Bitch .

                  • Cheryl 522
                    Cheryl 522  2 days back

                    Matthew, you are being too nice. He is a corrupt pathetic animal. He and his corrupt wife should share a prison cell.

                • No Calvinism
                  No Calvinism  3 days back

                  Well, did anyone really expect little Donnie NOT to throw a FIT??? That's what ALL toddlers do especially when they need a diaper change or attention, or BOTH! In Donnie's case, it BOTH!

                  • Matthew Califana
                    Matthew Califana  3 days back

                    Either way Donnie diaper is FULL of Poop - Throw out the baby with the swamp water !

                • twalsh1956
                  twalsh1956  3 days back

                  Yeah lets let anyone come to USA. Then we can have a protest to decry low wages. I will pluck a chicken for 15/hr, but those damn illegals come here and do it for 8. Where did that econ 101 book go? Seriously, read about Cesar Chavez. There's plenty online I suppose

                  • John Cook
                    John Cook  3 days back

                    JohnCook Australia 🇦🇺. Thank you for reminding me about the bloody lying prick getting up there on his soapbox. What a piece of shit .
                    So the master builder has got 76 miles completed and most of that was already there . It estimated at this rate it will be completed around in 5436 AD. After Dump Of course this big beautiful concrete steel wall fence barrier obstacle can be destroyed by a $100 power saw from the hardware store . So he doesn’t have a clue once again .

                    • SinniR
                      SinniR  3 days back

                      I’m just here waiting for the 2020 meltdown election night video. Why did you remove the one where y’all were crying about trump winning ?

                      • Sharon McGrown
                        Sharon McGrown  20 hours back

                        @T C r

                      • Kelvin Barber
                        Kelvin Barber  1 days back

                        SinniR Speculation which means nothing. The people will get out next year and vote because we dont have a competent leader.

                      • T C
                        T C  2 days back

                        @SinniR Take you dumb azz to bed!! Lmbo what the hell are you talking about!!

                      • T C
                        T C  3 days back

                        @SinniR And you are so right as long as he's getting out side help, he himself have prove he's no debater or negotiator trump needs to get dirt on someone to use as his leverage, even when he ramble against Hillary his only talking point Hillary emails this emails that's, that all he had, Charlie Brown and Snoopy could beat dumb donald in a debate, in trump on words "hey Russia if you could find those thousands of emails it would be appreciated" and now "hey Ukraine can you do me a favor", it had nothing to do with corruption cause how can he have someone especially a foreign government to look into some corruption when trump and his whole administration is corrupt!! Please cut the crap ya'll no trump is dirty ya'll just choose to look the other way!!

                      • T C
                        T C  3 days back

                        @SinniR Oh with you trying to correct me on my spelling and with the word you used it's wrong just as well, but I meant to say to my "recollection", now I can admit I was wrong but what gets me with you all that's so politically correct why is it so hold for you people to correct chump on all his BS, this is what ya'll so call president have said, the wind from a windmill causes cancer, doing the revolutionary war they took over our airport and airplanes, we'll in my history books there was no airport and airplanes, this same idiot talk about how he visit " The Prince of whales, I thought it was Wales correct me if I'm wrong oh the list is much longer!!

                    • Devan Coates
                      Devan Coates  3 days back

                      It's not called a democracy. We are thankfully a constitutional REPUBLIC with elected representatives.

                      • Devan Coates
                        Devan Coates  3 days back

                        How hard were you baiters on Obama when he shut down the government?

                        • Sharon Matthews
                          Sharon Matthews  1 days back

                          Devan Coates I fortunately live in Australia. We have something called Medicare, paid for by a taxation percentage of 2%. This entitles me to free medical care, free doctors, free operations, free pathology, free xrays. All our citizens get it. We don’t discriminate between rich and poor for Medicare. We are not asked if we have insurance before we are treated in a hospital like they do in America. We don’t have to get permission from an insurance company to get chemo for example like you do in America. And we don’t dump sick people on the kerb because they don’t have medical coverage as is done in America. We also have the Pharmacy benefit scheme. Pensioners on low incomes pay $6.30 for most medications. Working people pay $33. Doesn’t matter if the medication costs $1000. They only pay $6.30 or $33. We don’t deny people meds like America where they travel over to Canada so they can buy their life saving medications cheaply. So I’d say that medical treatment and coverage is a right, not a service. We don’t say sorry, you’re poor. Go over there and die. However a wall to discriminate against Mexicans is not the same. No wonder government shut down so as not to give him the money.

                        • Devan Coates
                          Devan Coates  2 days back

                          @Sharon Matthews Healthcare is a service not a right. How much more do you want to be taxed to pay for others health services? Should we pay for those that don't take care of themselves?

                          The wall is to keep out criminals and illegals. Not Mexicans. Looks up MS 13 those are the animals hombres he's talking about. I think their slogan is Steal Rape in steal fear or kill or somethin. Yeah they've left humanity. Don't you wanna work on keeping them out or do you wanna pay more in taxes to give free health services?

                        • Sharon Matthews
                          Sharon Matthews  2 days back

                          Devan Coates I think trying to fund health care for all your citizens is a tad more important than building a wall to keep out Mexicans...or those bad hombres as he called them. It that’s just me....

                        • Devan Coates
                          Devan Coates  2 days back

                          @Reggy Celeste flip flop? A little more info on the flip flop you mean and I'd love to visit about it?

                        • Devan Coates
                          Devan Coates  2 days back

                          @Cynthia Hill Reed October 1 to 17th 2013. It was shut down over funding Obama care. Just like with Trump over funding the wall.

                      • Devan Coates
                        Devan Coates  3 days back

                        If less illegal law breaking individuals don't come here until they can do it legally, equals less medical Bill's of illegals we are paying. Less have a kid and stay. Less dollars sent to another country. Less children we are paying for in schools. Boom! Mexico keeps their citizens that we would be paying for. Money saved equals way more than wall. Mexico pays.

                        • Doriliz Rivera
                          Doriliz Rivera  23 hours back

                          @Devan Coates personally, I'm not defending... I just learned a lot of stuff while I was working with non-profit agencies. Here in TX they can use an ER hospital service once... after that they can actually be turned down if they don't pay upfront. They can't access government legal, housing or job assistance services. I didn't know they actually pay taxes to the IRS (ITIN) until I worked in social services.

                        • Devan Coates
                          Devan Coates  24 hours back

                          @Doriliz Rivera they can't be turned down at the emergency room. We pay for their school lunches...... An illegal qualifies for alot that they don't and haven't payed into. Why are we defending breaking the law? Coming here without being vetted is breaking the law.

                        • Doriliz Rivera
                          Doriliz Rivera  1 days back

                          *ex-social worker here 🙋‍♀️
                          Illegals pay cash for their medical visits (usually by trying to find an affordable doctor/clinic)
                          They can't receive government assistance of any kind.

                      • I SAID what I SAID
                        I SAID what I SAID  3 days back

                        7:25 The statement "if you ever REALLY looked at those people…” is CODE for, the people affected , who will not get a check are the kind of people WE do not value ANYWAY Sooooo Realizing it the way makes what he said make more sense. 45 is saying those who’ll be affected don’t matter anyway. They’re not in my base!! Heis speaking of a people to a people -two diff sets of ppl. A DIVIDED NATION

                        • Tracey McAdams
                          Tracey McAdams  3 days back

                          evidence the whole corrupt government failing before our eyes witness bible prophesy being fulfilled all praise, honor,& glory to God of salvation they really don't no what they're doing.

                          • Dawn Heath
                            Dawn Heath  2 days back

                            Tracey McAdams yes they know they are all lying!

                        • Slate Matthew
                          Slate Matthew  3 days back

                          Why are some Mexicans happy about Trumps wall?

                          They own a ladder company!!!

                          • Terrell Fulton
                            Terrell Fulton  3 days back

                            Trumps outta here ✌️🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️

                            • Carla Costa
                              Carla Costa  3 days back

                              Here's the billions of billions of dollars BS.

                              • Slate Matthew
                                Slate Matthew  3 days back

                                No no no, he said beeeeelians and beeeeeeeeeelians. I hears it!

                            • Marta B. Gruzado
                              Marta B. Gruzado  4 days back

                              I think he wants to take some of the money from the wall on his way out of the White House....🤑

                              • Dawn Heath
                                Dawn Heath  2 days back

                                Marta B. Gruzado he wanted to get that money into an account that could transfer to his account bc he is broke! So broke he is selling his hotel no other reason!! U all know he would never willing give up a big gold bld with his name on it! We all KNOW that!! He is rotten and he will b impeached !! You can all try to spin it like the republicans did all day! Lie and deny all day! Real patriots lying their ass off for trump so they have a job! That’s all they care about! Their job!

                              • jmo
                                jmo  3 days back

                                I think he already has..... which of his cronies built it?

                            • Rosa Agurto
                              Rosa Agurto  4 days back

                              Just a reminder to the Trumpets,who is going to pay for the wall ? he said Mexico ? really you idiot's with the taxes you pay not him Trumputin doesn't pay taxes.

                              • SpawnCandy
                                SpawnCandy  4 days back

                                Trump should build a wall. Period. All those who disagree are either anti-American or just stupid. They are not undocumented, they're illegal immigrants. Crossing the American border in any other way other than a legal port of entry is illegal. It's a crime. That makes them criminals. Period.

                                • SpawnCandy
                                  SpawnCandy  2 days back

                                  @Dawn Heath I'll grow up when you Wake up. Ok Boomer?

                                • Dawn Heath
                                  Dawn Heath  2 days back

                                  NUKE GAY WHALES FOR JESUS get real and grow up!

                                • Dawn Heath
                                  Dawn Heath  2 days back

                                  SpawnCandy and u r ignorant!!

                                • SpawnCandy
                                  SpawnCandy  2 days back

                                  @Robert Davis But we got real big Guns.😁

                                • laura laura
                                  laura laura  3 days back

                                  No worries guys Moron Trump is on his way out with all his 🗑️

                              • SpawnCandy
                                SpawnCandy  4 days back

                                Losers. Quit with the fake news crap.

                                • Adventure Rider
                                  Adventure Rider  3 days back

                                  I guess no response means," sorry for the fake news comment,I only stated that because Trump does it and gets away with it, ,and yes this article is factual" When I put the comment "losers" I really didn't think, and i thought I was cool. I admit,Trump supporters are the losers"

                                • Dachell McGhee
                                  Dachell McGhee  3 days back

                                  Yeah show how this is fake

                                • Adventure Rider
                                  Adventure Rider  3 days back

                                  Please explain what is fake about this,.....oh, any news that doesnt flatter Trumple-thin-skin is labelled fake? Trump humpers just cant handle the truth!

                              • Kripto Nite
                                Kripto Nite  4 days back

                                An embarrassing pig, round the world; glad he is going down.

                                • Ron Richardson
                                  Ron Richardson  4 days back

                                  he has stock $$$$$ in steel

                                  • BORE
                                    BORE  4 days back

                                    trump is not use to hard questions. is difficult to answer these questions with bullshit fantasy. so yes the trumpet gets very edgy.

                                    • Bill Johnson
                                      Bill Johnson  4 days back

                                      First of all assholes,
                                      It's not Trump's is America's wall. Made neccesary by the zionists# in congress.
                                      Why do you whoooos always want to destroy what we made?

                                      • Bi Al
                                        Bi Al  3 days back

                                        Ok incel

                                      • Martin Zamora
                                        Martin Zamora  4 days back

                                        It's a fence man. A FENCE.

                                      • 47Viggen
                                        47Viggen  4 days back

                                        ok dip shit its americas wall. Fuckin canadians are illegals.. wait its southern border..... shit nothing north? how can that be they cross the border all the time....

                                      • jesse10049
                                        jesse10049  4 days back

                                        Oh shut up bitch! Lol. It's his stupid wall. And guess what snowflake? Mexico isnt paying for it. Since trumpty dumpty claims to be the wealthiest person alive. Let him pay for it.

                                    • Sheqel of Macedonald's

                                      man, i'm going to say a prayer for trump... and the IRS, those guys are understaffed right now? how will our government function without the IRS carrying out their all important business?

                                      • Sheqel of Macedonald's
                                        Sheqel of Macedonald's  2 days back

                                        @Brian DyMarr is that why their director was impeached a couple years ago? do you normally impeach CFOs of private corporations?

                                        I'm starting to think that no government agency is

                                      • Brian DyMarr
                                        Brian DyMarr  2 days back

                                        The IRS is not a government entity it's a private corporation.

                                    • twalsh1956
                                      twalsh1956  4 days back

                                      Mona, Hope is not a good strategy

                                      • Bill Johnson
                                        Bill Johnson  4 days back

                                        First of all assholes...
                                        It is not Trump's wall,
                                        It is America's wall.
                                        Why do whoooos always want to destroy what we have built?

                                      • Bill Johnson
                                        Bill Johnson  4 days back

                                        Hope and change
                                        Well, that did not work.

                                    • twalsh1956
                                      twalsh1956  4 days back

                                      Throws Fit? Fake news twice again. I'd say once again but I can't count your BS that fast. Get a life TYT

                                      • Sammi F.
                                        Sammi F.  4 days back

                                        White man living in fantasy land. Yep. You.

                                    • Sheqel of Macedonald's

                                      if there's one thing mitch mcconnell knows is what trump is going to do next. trump should just give mitch mcconnell his twitter account, that way he can put on twitter millions of goofy things for him, because mitch mcconnell knows the future of what trump is going to veto he must also know what trump is going to tweet. why is tyt listening to or reporting what mitch mcconnell would do? why would a party line republican say those things about the president of the US? are you sure mitch mcconnell really said that?

                                      • Armando Garcia
                                        Armando Garcia  4 days back

                                        Troll are out! Can't take the truth?

                                      • Robert Roland
                                        Robert Roland  4 days back

                                        A 4-year old kid could embarrass him at a spelling bee contest!

                                        • Cindy Kocialski
                                          Cindy Kocialski  4 days back

                                          Trump is a clown... hence the circus

                                          • grow forit
                                            grow forit  4 days back

                                            Anything new na same old shit but now there ia a wall

                                            • Tristan
                                              Tristan  4 days back

                                              Soros propaganda :) rename ur show to The Young Bums

                                              • Kathy Joy
                                                Kathy Joy  4 days back

                                                You Tube is biased!!!

                                                • Chad Stone
                                                  Chad Stone  4 days back

                                                  Against Russian trolls and trumputin

                                                • Robert Roland
                                                  Robert Roland  4 days back

                                                  And any other media network that only services Trump's criminal behaviour and weigh bias over the facts and evidence brought against him.

                                                • Cindy Kocialski
                                                  Cindy Kocialski  4 days back

                                                  Kathy Joy Bias has nothing to do with it.... they just show what’s out there.

                                                • Boris Beltermann
                                                  Boris Beltermann  4 days back

                                                  Yes, let’s please tell the owner of Youtube to post in a more balanced way 🤦‍♂️

                                              • Caroline Weimann
                                                Caroline Weimann  4 days back

                                                The wall has always been another Trump diversion nothing more nothing less.

                                                • Caroline Weimann
                                                  Caroline Weimann  4 days back

                                                  Liar liar pants on fire!!!

                                                  • David Hubbard
                                                    David Hubbard  4 days back

                                                    pay for the wall day 1 which was 1000 days ago hahahaha

                                                    • David Hubbard
                                                      David Hubbard  4 days back

                                                      hahaha hey trump what's with the sniveling

                                                    • David Hubbard
                                                      David Hubbard  4 days back

                                                      conservatism is a mental disorder

                                                      • Scott McClish
                                                        Scott McClish  4 days back

                                                        Just wait until people look at your past cenk. Its not going to go well for you.

                                                        • Scott McClish
                                                          Scott McClish  3 days back

                                                          @D. R. name calling. Means you have no argument. I just got home from work and I don't drink. But you are fully brainwashed. Sorry you are unable to follow facts. I'll see you crying when Trump gets reelected in 2020

                                                        • D. R.
                                                          D. R.  4 days back

                                                          Scott McClish go home, mic. You’re drunk